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Good Breeding Increases Shelf Life

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Packaged salad-cut lettuce studied for stability, freshness

Salinas iceberg lettuce.
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SALINAS, CA - The lettuce cut and packaged for food service and salad mixes is an increasingly important component of the produce industry. Lettuce is highly perishable, and the cutting required in processing further shortens its shelf life.


A Plum Assignment

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New Storage Methods Extend Life of Japanese Plums

Wickson, a Japanese plum released by Luther Burbank and named after E.J. Wickson, friend and dean of agriculture at the University of California, Berkeley.
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PERTH, AUSTRALIA -- Plums: they're sweet, juicy, and packed with beneficial antioxidants and dietary fiber. Although there are many varieties available to consumers, there are two main types of the small, purple fruit: Japanese plums and European plums. Japanese plums are the most widely grown type and are round, while oval European plums are commonly used for making dried plums, or prunes.


Sweetpotato Takes a Ride on Space Shuttle

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Study shows roots can regenerate in microgravity

TUSKEGEE, AL—Because of the distinct lack of grocery stores in outer space, scientists are looking for ways to provide food for long-term space missions.

Desmond G. Mortley and colleagues from the Center for Food and Environmental Systems for Human Exploration of Space, G.W. Carver Agricultural Experiment Station, and the Kennedy Space Center undertook a study on microgravity's effects on sweetpotato. The study findings were published in the Journal of American Society for Horticultural Science.


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