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Teamwork improves learning and career success

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Lectures lose out to collaborative activities for students

Students use notes, books and each other to improve learning in the classroom.
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UNIVERSITY PARK, PA -- A two-year study of college students at The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) proves that students learn better and develop higher-level skills by participating in cooperative (team) activities, compared to traditional classroom teaching methods.


New Roadside Beautification Concept Studied

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Linear garden concept saves space, adds visual interest

A vertical transition was created by grouping and replicating trees, vine structures and palms.
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FORT PIERCE, FL - Travel America's highways or drive down any city street this summer and you'll probably see them. From small, manicured beds of flowers maintained by community volunteers to extensive landscaping projects along America's byways, roadside gardens are taking root.

Bring on the Pak Choi

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Consumers Interested in Trying more Asian Vegetables

CARBONDALE, IL -- Asian vegetables, a diverse group of specialty vegetables grown and consumed throughout Asia, are becoming an integral part of the American diet. The demand for Asian vegetables is rapidly increasing in the United States thanks to increasing ethnic diversity in the population, a rapid rise in popularity of Asian cuisines, more emphasis on healthy and specialty foods, and increasing familiarity with the foods' culinary uses.


Controlling Cucumber Beetles Organically

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Pest numbers reduced, fruit yields increased using organic methods

FRANKFORT, KY—As the popularity of organic produce increases with consumers, growers need more options to manage pests naturally.

John D. Sedlacek and Gary R. Cline (retired) of the Land Grant Program at Kentucky State University led a research project designed to investigate options for reducing the presence of cucumber beetles. These pests damage crops by eating the roots, shoots, and flowers, and transmit the bacterial wilt pathogen. The study, published in the American Society of Horticultural Science journal HortTechnology, compares several practices in watermelon and muskmelon crops. 

Integrated Curriculum Enhances Academics

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National Wildlife Federation's Program Boosts Student Math Scores

HOUSTON, TX -- "Integrated" or "interdisciplinary" education evolved in the United States from the progressive education movement of the early 20th century. Integrated education features a student-centered approach to teaching that engages students and teachers as co-planners of learning experiences.


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